How to survive life when you miss your fam really badly :(

Hi guys, it’s Mia. Thanks for all the questions flooding my inbox for Ask Mia- glad I could help! Ask Mia should truly fire off after a few weeks or so, but anyway, there’s something bothering me lately I can’t shake (besides my stress of replying to tons of Ask Mia emails) and it’s really … More How to survive life when you miss your fam really badly 😦

Ask me Anything!

You probably already know about my Ask Mia blog where I give you guys advice. I know the little things are underestimated by most advice bloggers, if you aren’t interested that’s fine. Point taken. Also guys.I. Just. Had. Chocolate. PIZZA! I just wanted to know where u have been! I’ve been on vacation, and took … More Ask me Anything!

My new blog! 

Hey guys! In addition to this one I decided to write another blog- for advice, so I can share some tips and advice for any dilemmas you guys might have. I guess u could find it if you click on me, but if not the address is Nothing there yet, which is why I … More My new blog!