First Makeup- when you start wearing the products!

Reasons for Makeup

  1. At my age you’re supposed to look perfect all the time.
  2. Stupid unpredictable crazy hormones. 
  3. You spend hours doing makeup and hair, then you’re supposed to post it on Insta for the world to see.
  4. The spottiest time of your life.

I am none of this. I dress/ makeup for myself, and the way I want to look is set. I don’t care what others say or think and it’s up to me whether I wear it or not. So I won’t look perfect all the time, I won’t care if I have spots, I won’t bother about stupid unpredictable crazy hormones, I won’t spend hours on makeup and post it on Insta or Snap. Those days are over. For me and hopefully for you guys. Anyway, my first products were pretty basic. My makeup bag was just Primark and pretty basic tbh.I didn’t wear foundation then either because it irritates my skin. Wow, looking back I can’t believe how far I’ve come with it! 

So what drew your attention to wearing makeup? 

Well, I was shopping on a parade day which was cool, but I was really mesmerised by their bright beautiful makeup. It was so gorgeous I went to Superdrug and bought some that very day. The rest is history I guess. 

What was your first eyeshadow colour palette? 
My first palette was my sisters own DIY Baby Peach palette featuring a lot of pastel colours and nudes. 

Were you nervous when you wore makeup for the first time?

Yes! I worried about all sorts of things:

  • Do I look silly?
  • I can’t go out like this! 
  • Do I look like I’m trying to be too old for my age?
  • I look ridiculous!

What would your main makeup tip for beginners?
Don’t start off with a “bad start,” don’t wear anything too eyebrow raising on your first time. But wear something true to yourself and don’t fear about showing it. 

What do you hope to master in the future? 

Cat eye- my look is weak at the mo!


2 thoughts on “First Makeup- when you start wearing the products!

  1. Oh year! I love it! I am more into natural vibes and I hate these boxes society want to put on us. I believe that make up should stay a fun way to take care of ourselves; but not a standard for us to be clones. I think begginers should stay true to themselves and if make up is the way they feel beautiful and happy good for them. Nevertheless, if it is just to fit in the society ; we should not over do it. I have developed these views in my article bold enough to be yourself which I definitely advise you to read 😉 good job!


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