Facing Fear

Guys, you know I have anxiety. You’ve heard it all before. But have I ever told you what I was panicking about? No. Have I wanted to? Yeeeeeees! So I tried taking advice from Zoella’s anxiety blog post, and from LaurDIY’s relapse video, and countless other websites that only told me to “breathe.” And count to ten and think about something else, or distract myself. Truth is, I’m scared of the Internet. The Internet is a place where no one ever forgets. Weird pics go up on someone’s Facebook or Instagram then it gets reshared, liked and copy pasted and before you know it it becomes a massive Internet meme worldwide. This blog is my space (where is fizz, see my other blog) and I can share my thoughts and feelings with you anonymously. But it’s also scary. I don’t want a silly pic of me to go up on someone’s Facebook or Instagram and reshared, liked and copy pasted. I just want it to be normal- think cupcakes and unicorns and rainbows and narwhals- not about drama or scandals or organic smoothies, or I will unfollow you on BlogLovin. AND WHATEVER YOU DO, DONT PLASTER IT ALL OVER INSTA THAT YOU DONT LIKE ORGANIC SMOOTHIES. 

Girl Undeleted, Always Online xxx


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