Let them say what they say

Lions never lose sleep over the opinion of sheep!

Hey Guys! Not only is the world going crazy about #Pride right now, but in my school it also happens to be anti-bullying week. And guys, there’s something I haven’t told you…….. the reason I closed my old blog is because it became the focus of a lot of very negative attention. But they don’t know me.

None of you know me.

I’m glad my few followers are kind and loving and faithful instead of disloyal and nasty like my old ones. I quit blogging for a few years because I didn’t like the online world anymore. It sounds weird but I’m telling the absolute truth here. I thought it was a world where people thought it was ok to hide behind their screens and say things about a person they didn’t even know. 

That’s why I’m happy #Pride and #Diversity are a thing. Not that I’m gay, or black, but I’m just saying we need to make noise about things like this because homophobia and racism shouldn’t still be here. We only have one world, so let’s not waste it on…. this. 

Do you have any worries about what people say about you? Have you ever been bullied? 

Be sure to let me know in the comments what yours is…….. and how you’ll face it. Because none of you guys deserve to get any negativity from others. You can’t change the fact that they are judging you but you can change the way you act about it. Keep cool, don’t bother with them, let them say what they say.

Girl Undeleted, Forever Online xxxx


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