Organic Smoothies and OMG

Hey guys! Camping trip with school yesterday night 😉 wanted 2 share some experiences. Lessons from last night:

  1. Never think a spider is a piece of thread and ignore it. Because when you wake up at 4am and scream, your friends won’t be amused.
  2. Don’t think a piece of thread is a spider and scream, because again your friends will not be pleased.
  3. Don’t eat to many Doritos and then still eat a family pack of heroes all while dancing to a song played on a stray phone that escaped the drawer. 
  4. Do NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, when you get caught with said phone, stand looking gormless and then make up some stupid story about you not knowing it was still in the bag. 
  5. For God’s sake, don’t stuff your face and complain later. (Later meaning waking up your friend at 1am telling her u have a stomach ache. 

I am on a crisis right now! Seriously someone help. P.S: Worst Enemy complaining she doesn’t like organic smoothies again. Grrrrr 😡 


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