How to survive life when you miss your fam really badly :(

Hi guys, it’s Mia. Thanks for all the questions flooding my inbox for Ask Mia- glad I could help! Ask Mia should truly fire off after a few weeks or so, but anyway, there’s something bothering me lately I can’t shake (besides my stress of replying to tons of Ask Mia emails) and it’s really tough for me to describe. 

I don’t fit anymore. 

I went a school before this one (I’ll shorten it to KNCRG) and it was lovely. I lived with Mam and my sister Lauren. I’ve been living with my Dad now, and it’s lovely as well, but not the same. I miss KNCRG so much. It’s like when I went there 4 the weekend, I felt like I was this close to my old life yet we were millions of miles apart,  separated by one burden: I’m not really there.

The closer I get to them, the further away they seem. Looking out of the window, seeing th school and knowing I’ll never go back. 

This depressed soul isn’t who I am: my true (if a little dorky) self lies within the walls of KNCRG, and whether I like it or not, it’s stuck there. I don’t know how many more Mias I can create before things get really messy…..

Girl Undeleted, Forever Online xxx


3 thoughts on “How to survive life when you miss your fam really badly :(

    1. Thank you for this. I know that all too well now. You know, i hate people who act entitled. Don’t you just hate it when people do that? See previous posts, you’ll understand. But just know it’s depressing….


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