Being A YouTuber: A life uploaded

So, recently I’ve taken to YouTube. If you see it you’ll think I’m stupid and probably unfollow me. It’s not that I’m ugly (I HOPE NOT), it’s my age. 

I’m only twelve. 

I’ve got a lot to learn. I still worry if someone doesn’t like me or thinks bad about me. I still care about how much I’m going to miss what I don’t understand. They don’t understand.

Now I’m really scared. 

People outside are worrying me by saying rude things. That was LAST WEEK but I’m still scared. I’ve never been quite so scared in my life. That sounds stupid, but it’s not just them. 

My friend came out as gay on Wednesday, and since then: A boy poured a tube of ink on her sweater, she’s been shoved around in the bathroom, been called words in not allowed to say, (e.g. ****, *****, ****,******) had rats put in her locker, had eggs thrown at her window, etc. 

It’s not fair on her. 

Being gay isn’t wrong. We’re all the same. It doesn’t matter about skin colour, race, sexuality, religion. We all breathe the same air. 

As a little inspirational vid to go on, I’d like you to watch a video posted by a blogger called The Diary Of a Muslim Girl. It’s called: inside, we are all black. 

I’d share it but my laptop, being its laptopish laptoppy lappatoppa self, it won’t let me. Make sure you watch the video, I wish u the best xxx

Girl Undeleted, Forever Online xxx


2 thoughts on “Being A YouTuber: A life uploaded

  1. I’m so sorry about your friend – that’s awful. You really, really should tell someone about that, and get it stopped. No way does she deserve anything like that. But about youtubing – you go, girl! Don’t let anyone feed you fear or doubt. If there’s something you want to do, you DO IT! Chase your dreams, make them real, and show them all. I promise you’ll end up loving it xo PS – love your blog!
    Abby –


    1. Thanks- I did get help on what happened to my friend and now my BEST friend, Ashley, has told the police what really happened, it’s being sorted out. Love your blog by the way!


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