This is my Fight Song: Ultimate Revenge

Ok, if the title gets you thinking "Ok, What?" I might as well fill you in on details. There's this one girl who bullies people, and she's been making me and my friend Summer's lives a misery. She's been spreading rumours.

Not rumours you're thinking, like as in we fart or we are disgusting or we pick our nose or whatever.

Rumours that we're bullies. That we are mean to people and are rude nasty and unfriendly.

And we're not. It worries me because I'm twelve but Summer is only 8 and I don't want anything to happen to her because I know I'll blame myself. How do I get revenge without making it worse? If they've got video or audio evidence no one will ever get to know us or let us play.

It started off not so bad. My name was "iPhone Girl" and Summer was "Weird One". They hate me mainly. And now it's escalating, I don't even want to go out just in case, even if I'm no where near I don't want a reputation. I especially don't want Summer to have one. I'm that age I not into playing out anymore anyway, but Summer isn't. We both feel trapped in our homes and knots tie in our stomachs even when there's no one else at the park. This whole situation is making both of us paranoid AF, and Summer shouldn't know what that even MEANS. It's unfair. This was MY FIGHT and I dragged her into it, there's no backing out now, for either of us.

God I hate this town!

Girl Undeleted, Forever Online xxx


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